Achievement Races

Play on Sticky Bandits and get rewarded with extra bonus rounds!

All you have to do is gain tokens through the Achievements! Achievement Races will run between midnight and midnight every Monday during October.

How Achievements work:

  • Achievements have 4 levels: bronze, silver, gold and diamond that pay out rewards. Rewards paid out are tokens.
  • Bronze will get you 2, Silver 5, Golden 15 and Diamond 30 tokens.
  • Tokens can be used to trigger the feature of the game, most often the free spins bonus round of any Quickspin slot.
  • To exchange tokens simply click on the start-bonus button on the top. The number of tokens is showing on the top left corner during the play.

Achievements will track the events of the game you hit, the unique 6 game events in Sticky Bandits are listed below.

  • I AM THA BOMB - Hit a dynamite symbol in a spin
  • I LOVE WILDS - Hit a wild symbol in a spin
  • SCATTER MADNESS - Hit a scatter symbol in a spin
  • #WINNING - Hit a spin with a win that is equal or more than 10 times the bet
  • MASSIVE - Hit a spin with a full massive wild
  • ALL ABOARD - Enter the Free Spins Bonus

Terms and conditions

  • Achievements are available on Sticky Bandits from October 1st 2018 till October 31st 2018.
  • Tokens can be used to trigger free spins bonus round of any Quickspin slot
  • The network has the right to stop this promotion, or change its conditions at any time.