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Market Movers

Do you want to keep an eye on what people are betting on and whether the odds are changing in your favour?

planetwin365 gives you “Market Movers”, a fantastic tool which allows you to keep track of the odds development and therfore maximize your winnings.

Odds movement

As the date of an event nears, a close following of the Sports scene helps bookmakers tune their perception. Key facts such as injuries or a starting player not being able to participate in the match will often make bookmakers reconsider the odds since it's likely that playing without one of the starting players will put a team at a disadvantage and will hurt essential things like communication and synergy.

Odds also shift through the volume of bets placed, therefore it’s not simply the bookmaker’s predictions that shape the markets, but the bettors themselves. If a bookmaker sets Arsenal as an underdog, but the betting community believe otherwise, enough bets placed on Arsenal would alter the market and switch the Gunners to the favourites.

If you have a unique piece of information that you don’t think the rest of the betting community has, you can more accurately predict and exploit the result.