Fast and Reliable Payout System

Fast and Reliable Payout System

Betting is not just about fun, its relationship between equal partners, based on trust and respect. We know that each single bet is a glimpse of a big dream and we want to be the ones who make those dreams come true.

The first and hardest step is winning a bet, everything after that is easy and fast. OUR FAST PAYOUT SYSTEM GUARANTEES QUICK CASH OUT, NO MATTER HOW BIG THE WINNING AMOUNT IS.

From when we have started, we understand the importance of certainty our customers must have. That is the reason our main goal is to build that FEELING AMONG ALL OUR CUSTOMERS, providing them with a POSSIBILITY TO CASH OUT THEIR WINNING AS QUICKLY AS THEY WANT!

Within less than 24 hours our payment team delivers the total winnings to all the customers, with no excuses. THAT IS WHY WE ARE CALLED RELIABLE PARTNER TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS!

MAXIMUM PAYOUT IN PLANETWIN365 IS 100.000 EUR per combination,
2 MIO EUR per bet slip