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Ever wondered what the trending and most popular odds on planetwin365 are?

Then check out our bestseller widget! With just one click you can decide to follow the crowd and bet on the hottest odds on our site!

Lotto Win

Let us entertain you with some exciting and surprising bet combinations! Tell us how much you want to stake and how much you would like to win. According to those two numbers, we shuffle a random betslip that automatically opens on the upper right corner of the website!

Please be aware that the desired winnings have to be minimum your stake times the factor 10, i.e. 1 € stake for 10 € desired winnings.

Ready made bets

  • "Favourite": we give you bestselling 1X2 odds on 3 quite clearly favoured teams
  • Thriller”: we give you 3 quite risky but not impossible odds;
    please only try small “for fun” stakes on the thriller option!
  • Safe Bet”: we give you 3 low-risk double chance odds

Latest Winners

Learn from the best: Keep an eye on the latest winners and discover how they won!

Also, take a look at our vincitori365 section on the planetblog365 where we give you a detailed analysis of the craziest winning betslips.