Bonus System

255% BONUS

The planetwin365 Multi Bonus is the core of our unique bonus system. The idea is simple but brilliant:

The more events you add to your betslip, the higher the bonus you collect!
This is how you can get the Bonus:
  • Add 5 or more events to your betslip.

  • Your potential winnings will be automatically multiplied by the corresponding Bonus.

  • Take a look at our table to discover how fast the Bonus grows with each event you add.

5 events: 4% Bonus 6 events: 8% Bonus 7 events: 12% Bonus 8 events: 16% Bonus
9 events: 21% Bonus 10 events: 26% Bonus 11 events: 31% Bonus 12 events: 37% Bonus
13 events: 43% Bonus 14 events: 49% Bonus 15 events: 55% Bonus 16 events: 62% Bonus
17 events: 69% Bonus 18 events: 76% Bonus 19 events: 85% Bonus 20 events: 95% Bonus
21 events: 105% Bonus 22 events: 115% Bonus 23 events: 125% Bonus 24 events: 135% Bonus
25 events: 150% Bonus 26 events: 170% Bonus 27 events: 190% Bonus 28 events: 210% Bonus
29 events: 230% Bonus 30 events: 255% Bonus  

planetwin365 offers a transparent and fair bonus system!

  • The Bonus if valid for all bet types!

  • It's applicable 365 days a year!

  • Only bets with odds of 1.20 and higher will be taken into consideration for the bonus

Let’s say you place a multiple bet with 10 events and a stake of 1 EUR. In order to see what a huge impact the 255% Bonus has on your potential winnings, we’ve made a second betslip with the exact same events and odds.

As you can see, the total odd amounts to 980.48 on both which leads to a regular potential winning of 980,48€.

However, by placing the multiple with planetwin365, you automatically unlock a 30% bonus which boosts your potential winnings by nearly 300€ to a total of 1.274,62€!

Void events, for any reason, will not be taken into consideration for the bonus calculation!

(An example: if a bet contains of 10 events and one of them is declared void, the Bonus Value on that bet will be calculated on the basis of 9 events, +25%)